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A clean, efficient energy solution

As one of the largest propane wholesalers in the United States, CHS can help you plan your supply while monitoring market insights so you can focus on growing your energy business. We have access to propane supply at 150 terminals in 40 states and five Canadian provinces and to the largest fleet of pressurized vehicles in the nation.

Woman pulling a hose from the back of a propane truck
Safety is our top priority
Whether you use propane for home heating or appliances, for commercial applications, to power your fleet, or you provide a bulk propane delivery, safety in propane use is paramount. We promote safety through programs that enhance safety knowledge and secure practices in local communities.
Propane truck on a farm driveway
Powering the lives of homeowners and farmers
CHS has an extensive network, rooted deeply across America, to ensure propane solutions are always within your reach, whether in bulk for agricultural operations or for keeping your home cozy. Our cooperative approach means we're working hand-in-hand with local residential propane companies to deliver propane with a promise to safely and reliably meet all your propane needs.
Propane autogas pump
Fueling fleets with clean energy
Propane autogas is a safe, domestically produced fuel, classified as an alternative fuel by the Department of Energy. It offers a modern, economical and environmentally sound solution for school buses, paratransit and business fleets. Our extensive network, rooted deeply across America, ensures that propane autogas is always within your reach, ready to deliver the performance you need.
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